Cannubi is a long hill with a gradual slope located in the centre of Barolo which benefits from the protection of the surrounding hills. The Wine is aged for two years, partly in Slavonian oak barrels and partly in small French oak barrels that are moderately toasted. The vineyard finds again its unity by assembling the wine in the traditional big oak barrels and ends the fining in the bottle for 12 months, before going to market. The Barolo Cannubi reaches its maturity after 6 years from the harvest and can be enjoyed throughout its life between 6 and 25 years. Garnet-red in colour and intense perfume with clean scent of roses, vanilla, licorice, spices and toasted oak. The flavour is full and elegant, full-bodied and truly exceptional wine. The spicy note and the hints of wood blend perfectly. The wine is the perfect accompaniment to the traditional pasta of the Langhe, the dishes of red meats, stews, braised meats and game. Rather than cow's milk cheeses, it goes better with sheep and goat's milk cheeses.

This wine couldn't get many more awards! Have a look:

ABV 14.5%